Welcome to the British Expats Club!

We are a members only community of British Expats living in various countries around the world.

Membership Benefits include:

  • National and International Chat Rooms
  • Add Friends and make contacts
  • Private messaging with friends
  • Video Chat for Silver & Gold Members
  • Community Message Boards and Discussion
  • Create your own Public or Private groups to discuss interests, hobbies and more
  • Website Features can be localised or connect with members further away
  • Satellite TV support (need advice on how to receive UK Freesat in Europe?)
  • Discounts for products such as British IPTV services* and UK VPN providers

*coming soon! Legal services only! We do not provide these services. Staff and members around the world can assist in getting you set up with British TV via legal methods and third party providers. Please read more about IPTV, Android/iOS, streaming websites and VPNs.