British TV streaming websites

Watching TV on a streaming websites has many ups and downs. Did you know, most TV streaming websites are illegal and breaking copyright laws?

There are some legal websites which broadcast to viewers inside the UK but only to those with an internet connection originating from the UK.

If you are outside the UK, you can watch British TV on legal websites by using a UK based Virtual Private Network (VPN). This routes your internet connection through a computer inside the United Kingdom, making it appear that you are inside the UK. Then you can access the geo-blocked (geographically restricted) content.

Our members have access to legal UK TV services along with a wealth of knowledge and experience from expats and computer technicians who can help you get set up  🙂

When watching TV on a website, take in to account:

Is the website streaming (broadcasting) to the public? If so, what is to stop too many users visiting the website and using the limited resources. This will cause buffering (pausing and stuttering) on the video.

Is the website legal? Most TV streaming sites are operating illegally, often with premium subscription channels from Sky UK including sports, movies and other encrypted subscription channels.

Are you using Kodi? Kodi software usually has addons which are accessing illegal copies of TV channels such as sports and movies and other subscription based TV channels.

Free websites (and Kodi apps) will often be buffering (pausing and stuttering) during peak viewing hours, big (sports) events and popular TV shows.

Illegal websites, Kodi apps and IPTV providers get shut down. Do you want to risk losing your TV without warning? If not, stick with reputable and legal TV solutions such as those listed on our website.

How to watch British TV legally abroad

Use a legal website


Use an IPTV box with channels from a legal IPTV provider  (our members receive discounts to a legal UK IPTV provider!) More info on this coming soon


Use a UK based VPN (our members receive discounts to a UK VPN!) More info on this coming soon


Android and iOS - use an IPTV app which receives TV channels from a legal source. More info on this coming soon