British TV streaming via IPTV.

IPTV = Internet Protocol Television. (i.e., TV via the internet).

There are hundreds of IPTV companies, most of them operating illegally, offering subscription channels such as Sky Sports & Movies and on-demand content (copyright infringement). These IPTV companies get shut down, in January 2018, the largest IPTV provider in the world has been shut down and many arrests made by police. Some 500,000 viewers found themselves without TV.

If you do not want to risk losing your TV channels (and lose money paid to an illegal IPTV provider) then stick with a legal IPTV provider such any listed our website.

We can offer discounts for legal IPTV providers and IPTV boxes on which you can record your favourite shows. If you still need to access on demand content such as iPlayer, ITV Hub etc then you can use a VPN for these purposes and get the content directly from the BBC and ITV website. All legal 🙂

There are 200 free-to-air channels available in the UK coming from Freeview (terrestrial aerial) and Freesat (unencrypted channels from satellite) sources.

IPTV boxes are set-top boxes which you can plug in to your TV using HDMI cable and use a remote control to change channels, view TV guide etc. They are plug and play (extremely easy to set up). They cost in region of £50 to £100. Other IPTV providers often sell boxes on which you need to set up (channel list, login details etc). We can provide the boxes ready to go, with channel list installed, with your login details already saved, and optionally with VPN software installed.